Sunday, February 21, 2010

One of these things is not like the other..

Oh..  the fond memories that Sesame Street has added to my life…
Take a look here, see what doesn’t fit in?
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It is the shelf in my laundry room..
(Like you couldn’t tell…)
That Coppertone Kids Sunscreen, otherwise known as my newest best friend, is what doesn’t fit in typically, but has found a new home here.
Peyton, my terrific two year old, isn’t the only child who exasperates me.
I have two older girls that do that on a regular basis as well.
They LOVE to color on the dry erase board, but do not love to place the caps securely back on the markers and safely out of the reach of my mini-Monet.
I have hidden them, only to have them found.
I have placed them, in what I thought, were high, unreachable places, only to have Ashley and her go-go-gadget arms (supported by various chairs, stools, and bins) re-claim them.
And how do I discover that they have found or re-claimed them?
Peyton shows up with dry erase marker all over her, and her clothing.  Usually new clothing..
There are two of her shirts that have been categorized as either “stay at home shirts” or “this is a crafting with mom day shirt”.
I was not very happy to discover these shirts when they were first marred by the outlawed markers, and I tried what I knew in the way of removing stains, only to give up.
Then, this last weekend, we had two back-to-back incidents, both involving new shirts,  that sent me on a hunt.
Through Google, I learned that sunscreen can remove dry erase marker!
It’s like magic!
Place a towel in between the layers of clothing, put sunscreen on the offending spot, rub at the area with another towel.  Move the first towel, the one between the layers, when it is too saturated, and rotate with dry spots on your dabbing towel,  and continue to dab away.  Soon that spot will be gone!!
I used Oxyclean after that process was finished to cut the greasiness of the sunscreen out when I laundered it.
Good as new I tell you..
But after smelling that sunscreen, I am wishing summer were here..  having random flashbacks of days spent swimming and Lake Powell…
*Post Edit:  make sure to use Shout on the after as well.  After the first washing, I found a still greasy ring, Shout helped out!


Jenny said...

This has got to be the best tip ever! I absolutley HATE dry erase markers because of all the clothes they have ruined! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

Cami said...

That is a great tip! Dry erase markers are terrible! When I was tired of that problem I went on a hunt and found WASHABLE dry erase markers. They were hard to find at the time. They were by a brand called Foohy ( but I have found Expo has come out with some since as well. They are awesome!

BookwormMom said...

SOOO good to know!

I've also found that the new Tide In wash stain booster is AMAZING on greasy stains (well, all stains really)..I've been meaning to post a product review, because I find it sooooo good. I like the little dissolvable pouches, but it comes in a liquid form as well.

Tiffany said...

Good to know! I currently have some marker covred clothes sitting in my laundry room. I'll have to test this out.

Courtney said...

DUDE! Where were you about 3 years ago! Now I know, and won't be too terrified to buy more dry erase markers. :-)