Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We have many around this house..  take your pick.

Today I was making t-shirts for the girls’ Valentines gifts, putting their nicknames on the front.  There was no problem with Lynn’s (honey bear) or Peyton’s (sweet pea) but Ashley…

When Ashley was small, we called her huggy bear or Ashley McSlpashly (she is an extra wet bath-taker, has been since birth).  Then she grew up, became vocal and hormonal and the sweet nicknames kind of faded away.

All I could think of was “cry-ee pants”.

Not so nice.

As I talked to Merrill about an acceptable alternative, we didn’t get anything really positive, positive enough to put on a t-shirt…

Here’s just a smattering of the names that were thrown out:

- water works

- hormones

- full collapse (as in, when something doesn’t go her way, she fully collapses to the floor.)

- drama

- wah-wah

- unstable

- bipolar

- box of chocolates (you never know what you are gonna get.)

I ended-up putting “Ashley McSplashly” on her shirt.  Ihope she likes it and doesn’t pull a “full collapse” on me.

Being five and being Ashley is soooo hard.

(Despite most of the language used in this post, we really do love our Ashley girl.  I also call her other endearing names, such as: stinky, backwards britches, miss moo, miss maisy moosie, smelly, darlin’, love, sweetheart, and crazy.)


Ally's Corner said...

Picture of shirts please.
Alana is like that also, she can cry so easy.

Gramee said...

oh Mindy, Sarah was the same way until she was...welll

BookwormMom said...

Alec told me last month that he didn't want me to call him "boo" anymore...our leftover nickname from when we called him Monster Boo (he was difficult too...)

I told him too bad, it was his nickname for life...but I would try not to use it anywhere but at home!

I also would like to see pics of the shirts. You never cease to amaze and impress me with your skills!

Bonnie said...

My Dad was quite a nickname bestower himself. You gave me a good idea for a post!