Saturday, May 8, 2010

Instead of’s.

I am trying to not focus on the many things that did not get accomplished on my long list of “to do’s” today.

I am trying to focus, instead, on those little blessings.

I am trying to not think of the small gifts that I wanted to be finished for some sweet ladies in my life.

I am trying to ignore those few pesky sticky apple juice spots that were splattered by Peyton on the floor today.  (My foot can’t seem to ignore them, no one else notices them .)

I am telling myself that Merrill and I will have time to get in a date next week, sometime.

We can go to Lagoon and get our passes next weekend.

I am trying to make myself think it will be okay to finish my skirt in time for next Sunday, when I teach.

The unsuccessful trip of errands today weren’t an entire waste of time.

So here come the blessings from my little day today, the things that I look back and think to myself, “Gee, I am really thankful that happened..”

- I had Peyton as my exercise buddy this morning.  She is INCREDIBLE at jumping-jacks.

- I got a shower in today. :)

- I got to have a rather long conversation with an sister-in-law, one that I haven’t been able to talk to for a while.  I forget how busy life gets, and those things just don’t happen like they used to.

- I got to wear my favorite new flip-flops running all of my un-successful errands today.

may8 002

(Ignore the toes..  the day is still not finished, and a pedicure is still on that list.)

- The driving done while running the un-successful errands yielded much quality time in the car, with my three girls.

- I got to enjoy an ice cream cone from the drive in of McDonalds after leaving Home Depot when they didn’t have what I needed, but had already passed Lowe’s.

- I improved my driving resume by driving my manual while eating said ice cream cone.

- I got to work outside, side-by-side with Merrill on the lawn.

- I got to spend today with my girls.

And when it ends like this:

may8 076

It makes all of those things that are still on that list not seem so important.

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Happy Mother's Day!