Friday, May 28, 2010

Last day.

We had such a great year this school year.

It helps when you have the most awesome first grade teacher on the planet!


We are all having a little heartache over the end of the year with her.  Lynn keeps telling me that when she thinks about it, she starts to cry.

So do I.

We do have some goals for our summer vacation.

- Have fun.

- Eat lots of otter pops.

- Read 100 books.

- Keep up on learning, in fun ways.

- Potty train.  I desperately want more underwear to launder.

- Visit Lagoon as much as possible.

- Take lots of pictures. (Like that needs to be said.)

I hope we can fit it all in. :)


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I love your summer goals! I might copy the 100 books idea! And we heading to Lagoon in two weeks..hopefully it will be warm up there! I bet Lynn will see her teacher all the time when she gets back to school..S stops by her favorite teacher's class during recess all the time!

Ally's Corner said...

I so understand your feeling. This was the first year I was a little sad it was over. Anna had great teacher and kids in her class and Alana had wonderful girls in her class and I so loved those moms.
We all were a little sad that last day of school. Enjoy your summer!!

Bonnie said...

otter pops are a staple over here!

Miranda said...

Great summer goals! My son's 1st grade teacher said this was her best class in her teaching career and she's been teaching a long time. She even taught my husband in the 1st grade. She really hated to see them all go. BTW, where did you find otter pops? We can't find them anywhere here. I loved those growing up.

anniebobannie said...

Yay!!! School's out for SUMMA!!! Love her toothless grin!!

Mindy said...

Miranda: Wal-Mart! :) We gotta have them or else there will be complete, utter, revolt!