Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peyton speak.

Peyton has really become quite the gal. 

She loves to boss..  no there wasn’t enough emphasis on that…

She LOVES to boss.

Me, her older sisters, anyone she hears me talk to.  She bosses.

She also repeats about everything we say.  It is quite funny most times.

One day, Ashley was crying (again) and I said “Someone needs to go say, ‘Ashley what are you crying about fool’. 

Peyton promptly gave herself that job.

It was not well received by Ashley.

While Merrill and I work out together, Peyton is there as our little cheerleader, telling us, “Good job!!”  and clapping for us.  She even tries to join in.  My toes have come quite close to amputation when she decides to try out some bicep curls with the little weights.

She also loves to bust out the, “I-a-wuuuuuv-you” whenever it works most to her benefit, or when it will take us by surprise.  Over dinner, there is usually a chorus of “I love yous” and other variations, all started by Peyton, going around the table and telling each individual that she “A-wuuuuvs” them.

She has also recently picked-up on the word “adorable”.  Could possibly be because her sisters use it so much when they refer to her.  In any case, she now says it to just about everything.  I was mashing potatoes for Sunday dinner, and she asks, “What that mom?”

“Mashed potatoes, Pey.”

“Oh!!  A-doh-ble mom!!!”

I get it a lot through out the course of the day.

I also recalled some of the crazy things she came up with the other night when she couldn’t sleep and insisted that I stay awake as well.

- She wanted to go to church the next day (even though we had gone that day).

- She wanted to watch “The Cat in the Hat”.

- She wanted me to know that she wanted to have her chocolate milk first thing in the morning (like every other morning).

- She also wanted gumballs.

All in the middle of the night..  just to make sure that I wouldn’t forget them all in the morning.

She also attempted to paint her own toenails yesterday..  oh, and fingernails too.


She has a special love for the word “stupid” but when she says it, it sounds more like “dupid”. 

(We are trying to nix that.)

We have a routine in our house when it comes to prayers, to avoid fighting over who gets to say it, we have adopted the even/odd method that my mom and dad have perfected.  If your birthday lands on an even day, then you say prayers on an even day.  If your birthday is on an odd day, then you say prayers on an odd day.  Dinners and lunches are kind of not subject to this rule, as mom or dad picks who says the blessing on those meals.  Peyton likes to ask, no matter where we are, or who is about to say the prayer, “Odd day mom?”  She is an odd day baby, you see.

So maybe you can imagine right before the blessing on the meal, or the nighttime family prayer, the opening prayer in sacrament meeting, or the blessing on the sacrament itself, even at other family events when someone is invited to say the prayer, “Odd day mom?”

She also likes to end every prayer with a very loud “AMEN!” from her little mouth.


Emalee said...

She is such a cutie. I am so glad I got to see her last weekend!

Ally's Corner said...

Oh my how cute, enjoy it while you can it will be gone real soon.

Jocelyn said...

she sounds like such a cutie pie! i sense a scrapbook page on this topic???

Bonnie said...

David does the loud "AMEN!" as well. We have tried to work on it in church... :) cute post! love all of Peytons individual personality notes!