Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Peyton prayer.

She has been doing very well saying her own little prayers. 

We usually get bossed during them.

“ARMS!!”  she whispers, but very sternly, if our arms aren’t folded the way she prefers.

Things she usually prays for:

- be nice

- the food

- play dolls

- watch Phantom

- sisters

- be safe

- take a bath

She also prays for friends and family by name.

(Christie, Julie, Emma, Zach, Clint, Austin, Evan, and Tyler are some of her favorites.)

Quite the spectrum, but it gives us a little insight into her little 2 year old life.

She usually gets a few giggles out of us too.


Rachael said...

How cute! Kimmy loves to say prayers too. But usually she says them over the top of people already praying.

Adie said...

That is so sweet! It melts my heart to hear about her praying!

Bonnie said...

cute stuff! Love all of the specifics you write