Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother’s Day.

Sunday, I was drawn out of sleep, not by breakfast in bed, but by the pointed corner of a homemade mother’s day card, sticking into my scalp.  When my eyes finally agreed to open, just a little, there stood Lynnie-lou.  Her hands were over her mouth hiding part of her smile.  She has been so anxious to give me the many mother’s day surprises she has been making for almost two weeks.  Whenever she would attempt to gift me one, I would tell her to save it, I love those surprises.

Peyton was awake soon after, and Merrill gave her the other gift they went together and got for me.  Ashley was close behind with the gift she had made at pre-school.

It was quite a take for the day, many homemade cards, a popsicle stick picture frame complete with a picture of Ashley and magnets on the back (because we all know I love magnets!), and See’s Truffles.

(I have been doing so well on the no sugar thing too…)

It was amazing that everyone was ready for church EARLY.  I walked over ahead of everyone else to get copies made for our upcoming RS meeting, and was able to relax and ponder for a while by myself before the block began.

Before sacrament meeting started, I was given more homemade cards, one by Peyton herself this time.

Sacrament meeting could have gone smoother.  All three girls were on something.  It was also helpful that Merrill repeatedly got calls from the person running the front desk that morning/afternoon, so he resorted to texting, to avoid leaving the chapel again, repeatedly.  That only added to the circus that was on our bench.

This was only the girls’ opening act, their shenanigans  while my heart was pounding, my body shaking because I felt the urge to bear my testimony.

Peyton kept announcing whenever she “tooted”, rather loudly at that, and that was the volume of her voice, not the “tooting” itself.  I would smile at her, and tell her to shush, but that didn’t satisfy her, I needed to show more enthusiasm.  I tried giving her a thumbs up, and saying “Good job!  Shhhhh!”  But that wasn’t enough either.  Her voice would only get louder with every announcement, so I resorted to the standard answer that suffices at home: “AWESOME!!!”   and she finally quieted down.

Right as Lynn started telling me all about the funny “saggy boob” moment in “Stardust”, a recently viewed family movie, I saw my opening to stand and walk the few steps to the pulpit.

What a note to leave on when I am going to bear my testimony.

As soon as I stood at the pulpit, Peyton started saying something loudly.  I tried to ignore, I was worried that she was making another loud announcement about her bodily functions.  I went on, Lynn flashing her “I love you” sign at me, and managed to get through.  When I sat down, the sister behind me told me that Peyton had been yelling, “I a-wuv you mommy!!”  Then I felt kind of bad that I ignored her. 

We managed to get through the next 10 minutes without threats of beating anyone.  Amazingly.

Lynn was reprimanded by Merrill, while he was texting mind you, for something she had drawn on the mini magna-doodle that was “inappropriate”.  That was all I heard Merrill say, as I was continually trying to keep Ashley from eating her dress like a goat , revealing her princess underwear to the bishopbric with every coming nibble.  Peyton was between the two girls, who were between Merrill and myself (we started out sitting together..) and she was up to her own antics.  I was trying to quiet her while keeping Ashley in check, but thankfully there was someone behind us to help with that.

I have never breathed a louder “AMEN..” at the end of that closing prayer.

The walk home proved to hold the day’s most exciting moment yet. 

I have told the girls repeatedly to WALK across the crosswalk, not to run, Peyton tries to keep up with them, thinks everything is a race.  Ashley decided that day to RUN across the first of two crosswalks we cross to get home.  Peyton, desiring a win, took off directly towards our house to steal the win.

Not on a crosswalk.


You should have seen me running in my pencil skirt and heels.

I am sure it was quite a sight.

She got a talking to, as did Ashley, and we all went inside, so I could prepare mother’s day lunch.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have my mother’s day any other way.  There would be relatively little for me to post about,  and lunch would have been top ramen and koolaid if Merrill had made it.  Not the delicious chuck roast, carrots, mashed potatoes, rolls, and gravy from the drippings, that we did have.

That, and it was my fault, I had to open my big mouth about how good the girls were the previous week at stake conference.


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

what an adventurous mother's day! :)

Six-Pack Momma said...

A day in the life. GOod thing you've got it recorded, otherwise they may never believe you! ;)

Ally's Corner said...

I love that my girls are still at the age where they make me things, will be sad when that is over.
Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

Jamie said...

I'm glad you have the same fun during sacrament meeting as I do. I'm not sure if I remember what it was like to just sit there and listen.

The Anderson's said...

That sounds like a great Sacrament meeting. :o) I have a hard time remembering what it was like to just sit and listen too. My husband accuses me of leaving to often to "feed" the baby so I can go sit in silence in the mother's room...heehee

Natalie said...

Just had to tell you that I was 3 rows behind you...and I leaned over to Jeff and said, "I want a 2 year old just like that one." (Pointing to Peyton) He smiled in agreement and we had a cute moment together. I took the opening and followed up with... "I hear we can adopt a baby from Guam for $6000" The smile disappeared and he said, "I think you are delirious due to lack of food".

So what I'm getting at is...can I borrow Peyton for an afternoon? On an afternoon that she wants LOTS of snuggles. :)