Sunday, May 9, 2010

This one is for the ladies.

I love this day.

To me, it is not only a day to recognize my moms, it is a day to recognize all women who have touched my life.

There are quite a few, and the number just keeps growing!

I am so thankful to know so many great examples of womanhood.  So many unselfish women, who are willing to share, to sacrifice, to teach, to offer what they have in order to help and to lift others around them.  Regardless of if they have ever borne a child of their own, they still mother the souls of those around us, sometimes our own. 

I am blessed to be one of those that are lifted and inspired quite frequently.

I have many to thank for making me the woman I am, and growing ever more to be..

So I will share my favorite quote about women, from Neal A. Maxwell.  (He’s a favorite of mine..)

“Women, more quickly than others, will understand the possible dangers when the word ‘self’ is militantly placed before other words like ‘fulfillment’.  You rock a sobbing child without wondering if today’s world is passing you by, because you know you hold tomorrow tightly in your arms.”

Happy mother’s day!!

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Julie said...

Thanks for the reminder and thank you so much for being such a wonderful example to me! Love ya.