Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer is here!

It is officially official.

School is out (would be on a Saturday anyway) and we are ready to play.

Sleep in? 

Maybe not.  Peyton is my early bird, I programmed her well.

After this last week, I truly believe I deserve a summer break more than anyone.

Getting those yearbooks out, selling off the few extras (dealing with a mob-like mentality while doing so), taking care of the girls’ last week, and days of school, teacher gifts, working in the yard, going to the dentist, staying up too late trying to get it ALL done…


Summer indeed.

I wish I had a picture to show just how sore my hands and body are.  Working to annihilate weeds and other unwanted vegetation from the back part of the yard, where the swing-set resides, was a major undertaking. The previous owners had a half-pipe that didn’t require them to grass it in back there, or put in sprinklers, which made it perfect for our plans to put the swing-set, and not have to mow around, let the kids kill the grass with the their dragging of feet on the swings.  We are still deliberating on what material will go there..

But then I really wish I had a picture of my sweet neighbors who just came over, out of the goodness of their heart, and helped.  Heck, they even loaned us their trailer to put all the garbage in!

I also got to go see our dentist. 

(Wouldn’t that make an awesome pic?)

So fun!

He was so happy to see me, happy that I came in as soon as I spotted my little bugger.  My mom (a former dental assistant) and even his own dental assistant, couldn’t spot the little area that had me so concerned.  After he got the filling off, he told me how relieved he was that I came in, like really happy.

He said, had I waited any longer, it easily could have been a root canal.

Not so fun.

that is what happens when your filling isn’t doing the job anymore.

$177 later, my mouth is happier.

My floor shows the wear and tear of the week’s events well. 

Dirt lives with us, temporarily.

But will probably continue to come in and make itself welcome until that area is finished.

It is a good time of life.  We are happy.

I also got a little award from one of my newest friends Adie, so I am thinking about other people who make me happy:


1- Joceyln – so happy she found me!  Love to read the fun stuff she does.

2-  Amanda – she is just a joy!  A big-time blogger (although she will try to tell you something different) but I love her attitude about life, mother hood, and she makes some pretty gorgeous, and tasty treats!

3- Courtney – A long time “found friend” of the www, and I love her! 


Rachael said...

Summer is in fact here, huh? Just wish if felt like it outside. Instead pretending to be warm, then sneaking up on us with more cold.

anniebobannie said...

I am glad it is SUMMER too! Finally! Hope you do LOTS of fun non-stressful stuff!

Jocelyn said...

yea for summertime fun!!!! thanks so much for the award...I am so glad to have "found" you!!!!!

Amanda said...

Stop it! You are too nice. I am so glad to know you... YOU are a delight!!


Adie said...

Wow! I am truely amazed that your neighbors were so gracious to help and lend you their trailer! I wish our neighbors were more friendly. Would love it! Glad you got to the dentist!

Courtney said...

Awww schmoops - you're too sweet! Love ya back! :-)