Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last week of class. :(

I have truly loved the class I have been taking.  It was so nice to have a group of people, all learning the same things I was, able to comment and give insight into what you were trying to do.  There was a gallery for each assignment plus a practice gallery.  She even gave out creative assignments, which I didn’t do many of..  they weren’t required. ;)
The last few assignments are here:
I submitted this:
But should have submitted this instead:
antelope island 002
I just COULDN”T submit a picture of birds over my girls..  technically, it wasn’t 100% correct, but I loved it more than the birds, which was spot on.
She told me what I should have done differently with the shot to have it turn out so I could see their faces more clearly, but I was just snapping away at the gulls to the other side of me (the side in the sun) and the settings were metered correctly for that, then I saw these cuties, and I turned and started snapping away.  She gave me good instruction, that I already knew I needed to do that differently if I were to stop and adjust all my settings, but also praised my composition.  They are walking into the frame, their shadows are angled toward me which is more pleasing to the eye..  the shutter speed was also fast enough (thanks to those darn gulls) that every detail of them, even Ashley’s hair blowing, is frozen perfectly.  The lighting being off was the biggest deal to me.
23 035
I have yet to hear about this assignment…
I had to laugh at our assignment a little..
We learned all about different types of lighting and how to compensate for different lighting conditions.  For this assignment, we were assigned to take our picture indoors, using indoor lighting.  Now I was laughing, because 2 of my assignments were done indoors.  We were supposed to use outdoor lighting for all the others, but with our weather plus my uncooperative subjects….  that didn’t happen.  It really wasn’t a challenge to me..  I am still waiting to hear what she has to say.
This was a hard assignment to decide what to submit.  There were many that I was happy with from my little bribed session with the girls.  I had Merrill look through the gallery of submitted photographs to help me decide which one to turn in.  We both were pretty set on this one from the beginning.  I am still waiting to hear about this one too.
It was a fun class!  I can’t wait for another and another, and another.
In the mean time, I found a book written specifically for my camera model, that I have already learned new things reading.
I just love to learn!