Thursday, May 13, 2010

“Music is the soundtrack to our lives.”

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Dick Clark has it right..

I have been in a mood since we moved, after we went through our MANY CDs, packing up all of our stuff.  There were CDs and even tapes (yikes!) that I had completely forgotten about.  Most of this music was from certain points in my life and brings memories and feelings rushing back.

Isn’t it amazing how music can evoke so much emotion?

As we packed, we reminisced, we also divided things into different piles: trash, sell (some that I opted to keep that Merrill was all too quick to toss into the sell pile), keep, and what were Merrill’s favorites that would be on display in his room.  We still have not gotten around to un-packing ALL of it, Merrill’s stuff is up..

Our music is distinct to different times in our lives.  Some reminds us of childhood, vacations, junior high, high school, hard times, good times, being new in love, getting ready for our wedding day, newlyweds, and each of the girls as a baby and small children.  Merrill is a pro at attaching memories to music for me.  There are a few albums that, when I hear them, remind me immediately of specific events, because that was what he orchestrated for me to hear, to define it that way for me.

What good music.

What good memories!

My  re-discovered treasures are still down there, somewhere.

A friend sent me to a new music site, where I have been listening to some of this music that I am too busy (or is it lazy?) to go and dig for.


The memories that come flying at me..

Right now, I am entirely into Stone Temple Pilots.  Loving it, feeling like I am back in high school.  “Tiny Music” reminds me all too much of the time I spent with my older brother, Ken, after his mission.

Those are good memories.

I am thankful for the many more memories to come as I re-discover my music.


BookwormMom said...

I feel the same way...when (at Kyle's request, and with his iTunes gift card) I downloaded some classic Bon Jovi, listening totally took me back to junior high...

Music definitely plays a key role in my life and my memories!

Adie said...

I love Music!! My husband and I have tons and tons of CDs it is how we connected when we first started dating. He too can always put a soundtrack to a specfic time of our lives. We have been a little musically lazy lately. STP totally reminds me of high school!!