Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our little grad.

Ashley has REALLY graduated from pre-school now.


(Last year was just practice.)

She is well on her way to kindergarten, and she can hardly wait!

Everyday she asks when she will turn six, and she has heartache when I tell her it isn’t tomorrow.  (She thinks it will be tomorrow, everyday.) It is even more of an injustice when it is someone else’s birthday.

The second question is “How many days until Kindergarten starts?”  She is usually unhappy with the answer to that one as well.  We might have to make a chain, but that will probably depress me to watch my days of summer dwindle away.

last week of may 115

We will miss Miss Staci.  We have had 3 awesome years with her, and hope (and pray) that maybe there will be a way to get Peyton to her at her new location (a bit farther out of my way) when it’s time.  She is an incredible teacher.

I will not miss the morning routine, usually arguing about what to eat, and what is appropriate to wear, the importance of being on time, etc.  Like this morning, when she had a fit about her hair.

(But she isn’t as bad as Lynn when it comes to being pokey!)

But I will miss (temporarily) the art projects and fun drawings.

So will my fridge. 

last week of may 085

It was great, that this time around, she actually sang, participated, she even smiled!!

(Quite the contrast from last year.)

The promise of lunch at McDonald’s has amazing persuasive power…

last week of may 093 

Ashley was a little bummed (but understood) that dad couldn’t be there.  He would have been proud that she actually performed!

Her progress report was perfect!  Shows that not only does she have an awesome teacher, but that we are doing some things right too.

last week of may 116

We enjoyed the display table with some of her best projects, her journal (which was too cute), and that “All About Me” poster that got done just in time.

Her teacher put together a slideshow on DVD that I have a feeling we’ll be watching multiple times in the next few days.  (We have already watched it four times and we’ve been home..  not that long.)

She also made some fun friends, we hope to keep in touch with them too.

We are so proud of you Ashley!!

We are excited with all that you have learned and for your enthusiasm to continue to learn.  Thanks for smiling for the “mamarazzi” today too. ;)

Kindergarten, here we come!!


Ally's Corner said...

So cute, children grow up so fast it hurts my heart!!!

anniebobannie said...

She looks beautiful!!! I love that you make these days SPECIAL!!! CONGRATS Ashley!!!

Adie said...

Congratulations! She looks adorable. Check out my blog tomorrow there will be something there for you.