Saturday, January 19, 2008

And now, we wait...

I went scrapbooking tonight. I got almost two layouts done, this one, and Thanksgiving, another hit from 2005.

We had fun! It is so much fun to sit and "yip-yap" as Merrill would say. You just can't get enough, especially when it is a great group of ladies... and two very cute nine year-olds... or is Hailey ten now??... and treats. I want to somehow put Nat's entertaining sound effects with my layouts, so when you move your mouse over a certain page element, her sound will pop up too. She's hilarious...

The nursery is ready, we are just waiting. I love going in there and getting all excited! The hospital bag is finally packed with all the right items, i.e. nursing bra instead of a big ol' pregnant boob bra...

So Wal-Mart today... I went to get pics printed off for tonight and tomorrow, of course I ended-up getting some sweet treats too, but I really wanted to try this Vick's Vapor-Rub on your kids' feet thing. I have heard, from three different sources now, that if you rub it on their feet when they have a cough, it will help to stop it in the night. Less coughing = more sleeping. I am all over it! So I came home from scrapping, to find Lynn still awake, no surprise there, and Ash asleep. Mer said that she zonked-out around nine. She was up less than five minutes later, great nap! I got them all medicated-up, Ash had a slight fever, and slathered it on their feet. Lynn is out, no coughing, but Ash and I, we are watching "Snow White", again. I guess it's the late night flick of choice for my little night owl. I am so thankful that their illness episodes are so close together, it helps me to remember how to deal with it. Maybe the experience will make me a little wiser for when I have to deal with this more in the future, or maybe I am dealing with episodes so close together so I will have a big long break... either way...

So on with the Wal-Mart saga...

I get my stuff, and as I am checking out, paying for the pics too (I didn't have to leave and come back, it helped that Ashley needed to go potty while we were there, woo-hooo!), my mom calls, panicked...

"Where are you? Where would you be, besides home, at five o'clock on a Friday? Are you having the baby? I called you twice at your house. You are going to have a paniky mother until this baby comes!"

While I am talking to my crazy mother, we are trying to leave the store. Ashley is seated, safely in the cart, while Lynn, against all motherly advice, is holding on to the back of the cart, and standing on the bottom rack. We hit the rug at the doorway, and the cart lurches forward, but can't make it over the edge, and rolls back, throwing her to the floor, right on her butt. I told her so... So right in front of many strangers coming and going, she's crying and yelling at me: "YOU DID IT ON PURPOSE!!! YOU DON'T LOVE CHILDREN!!! YOU HATE ME!!!"

Can you tell there have been sick coughing kids who haven't been sleeping well nights in our house???

Mom decides we are really okay and lets me go, do you think she heard?

We get out to the car.

We get into the car.

I get both girls buckled in.

I go to back-out.

Lynn is still crying and yelling at me.

I back out.

The guy next to me goes to back out too, so I back up a little. The guy across and in front of him goes to back out, I back up a little more.

"HELL-ooo!!!" Thumping on my trunk...

There is some lady yelling, "You almost hit me!" She is pointing at her cart. It is three feet away from her car, in the middle of the parking lot. Yeah, your cart is the least of my worries. Pull it in closer to your car.

"Sorry." I mouth, and throw my hands up like, what am I supposed to do? I almost hit your cart?!?

Tomorrow, more scrapbooking should be fun... Ash and I are sure to have a fun night.

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Ally0005 said...

Your nursery is so pretty!!!! Always love your pages. I have one of those crazy moms also.
Trips to Wal-Mart are always interesting. Have a great day, we are waiting on snow for today.