Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, what a night... and a day!

Last night, Ashley and this cough, and her asthma... I tried giving her a bath, the cough kept on. I tried a breathing treatment, the cough kept on. I gave her the Vicks on the feet and the Mucinex, to help thin her mucus, the cough kept on. We were reading the B.O.M., the really exciting story for the kids about the Liahona and when Nephi breaks his bow, and she started coughing... and then throws up. I realize now, because it was bright red, it was probably the "fun" strawberry daiquiris I made to have for pizza night, beverages other than water, tend to gunk her up... After we got it all cleaned up, and finished reading, Merrill said he'd take her outside to see if the cold air would help. He looked so cute! He threw on his quilted jacket, my fuzzy blue slippers, his work gloves, and my green beanie... see, cute! He sat out there with her all bundled-up for about fifteen minutes, she was still coughing, and wide awake. So we had another night, no "Snow White", and all night movie marathons involved. Just quite a few nocturnal visits from Ashley. She even woke me up this morning a little after eight. We've been trying to keep her awake all evening...

So needless to say, I was tired today.

Merrill stayed home from church with them. Lynn's cough isn't so bad, but I don't need anyone looking at me. Ashley's, like I said, is more just an irritant to her little body, nothing really sickly, but then again, the way it sounds... I got home from Sacrament meeting to find them all cozied up downstairs watching "To Kill a Mocking Bird". Mer said the girls enjoyed it, until it comes to the trial, then they lost all interest. Lynn is now running around with an empty granola bar box that she filled with random items in it like "Jem". It's so cute!

I had a good birthday too! I got some fun stuff! I am so thankful for family and friends who love me so much! Thanks guys!!!

Mom and Dad came over with a cake for me. I have wanted Mom's chocolate layer cake ever since Jaclyn made them in cupcake form and posted them on her blog. It ended up being a cake in a big bowl. (Transporting it is difficult.) lOveD it!

It's so funny, the "perfect gift" she said she'd found... She told me when she bought it the week before Christmas, that it was "the perfect gift". She had to get it then, she was afraid she wouldn't be able to find it later. A couple of weeks before that, I bought her "the perfect gift" for Christmas... She opened her gift on Christmas and loved it, cried of course. It was a "Willow Tree" statue, "Generations". It is a Mother, Daughter, and Grand Daughter, looking at a quilt together; perfect. Our family quilts. It was Grandma, Mom, and me. Now it's, Mom, me, and my girls. Someday I hope it to be me, my girls, and my grand daughters... see, perfect. Not to mention that the quilts get handed-down too...

So tonight, I open my gift... It's a "Generations" statue. Funny... love it! I had just imagined that the statue would be passed-down to me too! Now I have one of my own!


Christina Rogers said...

sorry your little one is sick!

BookwormMom said...

I love the Willow Tree designs....I'm glad the rest of your birthday was good!!!

Ashley and Devan said...

Hey Mindy!
I saw your blog from Rachael Hansens. Your scrapbooking pages amaze me! I only wish I were that creative! I can't remember when your due date is but it looks like you guys are all ready for your cute little girl to get here. Good luck with your delivery. Let me know if you need anything!
Ashley Davis