Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goals, Goals, Goals...

So, here we are... another year. I intend to make the most of it. I have already set new goals for myself, which I think I am doing very well with... if I do say so myself! I sat down Sunday, and put some more down to paper, so I wouldn't forget (that darn placenta...)
- Keep with the blogging! 1 post/day (at least...)
- 1 scrapbook page/layout per day (at least).
- TRY to cut down on junk food (and pop!).
(This one was Merrill's idea, after he filled my stocking with my favorite treats... I asked him if he remembered who he was married to... it is a good idea though...)
- Finish Peyton's cross-stitches... before she is 1!
- Be back into my favorite GAP jeans by... gulp... April!
- Study out of "Preach My Gospel" daily.
- Read B.O.M as a family, again...
- Organize all loose pics to CD's.
- Enter H.O.F.
- Submit a layout (or more, maybe) to be published.
- Be more consistent in reading to the girls.
And I thought that this one was funny, but Merrill didn't appreciate the humor in it... maybe you have to have a uterus to get it...
- Lose 25-35 pounds before the end of the year, the bulk of it by the end of February...
So there you have it... Not a one too lofty...
I have another Doctor's appointment tomorrow!!! So exciting!


jaclyn said...

if cade could type he'd say, cute page aunt bop-bop!

Ally0005 said...

Love your layouts. How do you find time to scrap with children?