Saturday, January 5, 2008


So today, we were supposed to have some "major" snow storm... I hope someone else really enjoyed it... It was really falling early this morning, but by the afternoon, it was GONE. No snow, no ominous clouds, just blue skies and the ugly snow left over from the plows. We really enjoy a good storm. I shouldn't complain, we did get some accumulation, not what we would have liked...

I was also supposed to have a scrapbooking day with Merrill's family, he has a cousin in town, but because of the early snow, and the warning of more... nobody dared to attempt "the drive" up "the driveway". I was really looking forward to it. Merrill told me that I deserved the break and to take as long as I wanted. Instead, I kept myself busy all day, organizing Primary stuff that has been organized to death already. But I had fun doing it!

The girls have been quite the handfuls lately. Yesterday, while "crafting" together, and my back was turned ever so slightly, for just that right split-second; they, while water coloring, decided to flick their paintbrushes at each other. I have been talking about re-painting my craft room a "peppy-er green", but not a "speckly-er green". I sent them up to their room to sit on their beds until I could calm down a little, and clean it too. After a while, they came down stairs.

Lynn: "Mom, we wanted to apologize to you..."

Ashley: "Yeah! And we wanted to say sorry too..."

Yeah, I guess I forgave them... :)

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