Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snow Removal 101

So this was too cute...

I was working away at my layout for the day, when Mer calls, "What are the girls doing?"

"Playing Barbies."

"Have them go look out the front window."

Lynn acted really put-out. Then they saw him... they love watching him from their "perch". They love watching for guests to arrive from there too. Funny that's the first pic I've gotten from that vantage point...

We got one of those "friendly letters" from our postal carrier... we know, our mailbox has like ten feet of snow, packed in front it. We won't get mail unless....

So here's my sweet husband, doesn't he look hot operating heavy machinery? One of the many perks to the projects his dad is pursuing, we have a backhoe. A shovel would have taken him well into the spring to get that mess cleared... okay, maybe not that long... Mer doesn't mind driving it up the hill, in all the traffic. He made quick work of our little obstruction.

The irony of the whole situation, the mailman had just passed our house abut five minutes before he did this! I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to see what kind of Doctor bills are waiting for us!

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Rachael said...

That is so... funny Mindy that had to be tons of fun for the girls!

On another note Where's your tagged Post? ;)