Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ben & Jerry's = Double Chin

So, I am sitting here, eating some Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl ice cream... (can you say YUM!) and I am wondering if this 9 month habit has helped to contribute to these cheeks and two chins. Okay, I know that the quality isn't great... the placenta and her arm cast a funky shadow, but they are there!
So after ANOTHER night of little sleep, this time it was more heartburn than pains, I was tired today. I had heartburn so bad! Nothing was helping, even my two antacids! I just prayed to be able to get comfortable so I could get some rest. I kept having this prompting to go eat a brownie and drink a glass of milk. I thought, yeah right, like a brownie and ice cold glass of milk will help? But after an hour of discomfort, coughing fits, and nearly throwing-up twice, I thought that this must be my answer... it was. See, even the things that seem the dumbest to us are still important to Heavenly Father. Don't question the answer, no matter how crazy or non-sense-like it may seem. A CHOCOLATE BROWNIE and ICE COLD glass of milk, helped. I slept well until Ash woke up, being crazy... she said it was a bad dream. Something about Michael Meyers and Sophie coming here and she was alone??? She's a nut...
I am:
2 1/2 cm
75% effaced
AND... negative for strep! WoO HOo! No penicillin drips!!!
She is:
dropped more (I knew it! There's no mistaking the feeling of a head moving in that region...)
7 1/2 pounds
and dang chubby... and cute too...
Doc says she won't be waiting until the 22nd... maybe Valentine's???
Any other bets?
This is all after a two hour wait to see him today... those other pregnant women... the nerve, having their babies when I need this information!!!
So here is the over-share of the day, but if I am going to blog like it is my journal, then I should pretend like I am really the only one reading... ANYWAY... I am losing my mucus plug... Mer got all grossed out when I told him, but to me, it is exciting!
Jaclyn got me moving last night... I got out all of my picture CDs for 2007, loaded them onto my computer one at a time, copied only the pics I needed to scrap, and burned a whole disc for scrap projects... now I need to get 2006 together, and figure out what I've already scrapped...
Here's the layout, the album is almost complete...


jaclyn said...

i love chubby babies!! keep on eating!

Jenny said...

You are almost there! I am so excited for you! I am sorry you are so miserable....I feel for ya. You should do a poll on your blog and have people guess what the actual day will be. Maybe the winner receives some cute homemade cards from Mindy??? (a few months after the baby of course)

BookwormMom said...

1. If you're already losing your mucus plug, the chances of making it to the 14th are pretty slim too.
2. I know Penicillin is awful, but you might want to ask your MD to order 1 dose, just in case. GBS status can change on a daily basis, and I would have asked for antibiotics if I hadn't already had to have them.
3. Always listen to the promptings that say to go eat chocolate and milk. Always.

I'm thinking about you a lot, and glad everything is going good!!!