Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One for me... And one for you...

I did one Peyton's album... and one for our family album... just in case I forget how I found out... We spent the day at mom's. Betty gave all the grand kids TY Teddies, and mom made the girls some Valentine pants. Aren't they cute! (Sorry, Jaclyn, if you wanted your girls to remain anonymous... gg)
We went out to Roberts too. You practically have to while you are out that way. I found some fun stuff and re-filled my dwindling page protector stash. 50 more, woo-hoo!
Saw poor ol' gimpy Kevin... he also has something wrong with his kidney, apparently, while we all urinate in the yellowish color range, he does in the bloodish color range. I also learned that instead of sledding, he was SNOWBOARDING. This was at Rhomer Park. I know, a little too adventurous and not all the lights are on all the time... at least he's still alive! I guess that would be my blessing for the day! That and we had fun at mom's. Jaclyn, Hallie, and I got to have some quality girl time too!

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Jenny said...

Love the Valentine's pants! That is so fun! I am glad you were able to spend time with your mom and family. Oh, how I miss it! It really is a blessing.