Saturday, January 12, 2008

"I'm not cute..."

So funny... Just last week I took pics for this same layout about Ash. It was just two short years ago, and it was Lynn... How time flies!

I just finished my sharing time about the plan of salvation... makes me so much more thankful to be armed with what I need to better teach my kids... now Merrill on the other hand...You know how to tell when your husband has been watching too much "Gangland" on The History Channel??? He starts talking about how the Church should be "blood in and blood out"... He's so silly.

Lynn has been so sweet with the compliments lately. Now she's learned, somehow, to give me one when she is about to ask me for something, something being a treat or a drink... So I got really tired of it the other night and said, "Okay, brown-noser..." She immediately ran to the bathroom, turned on the light, and got on the stool to see herself in the mirror. She yelled back to me and said: "There isn't anything brown on my nose!"

Today Ashley was prancing around in her tumbling suit. I said, "Hey cute girl!" And she made her face so not cute and said, "I'm not cute, I'm BEAUTIFUL."

Okay, last one... As I have related so many prayer stories in the past, I had to include this one. Lynn was blessing the dinner the other night, and slipped in, "And bless that Ash will stop eating her food during the prayer... and bless that she'll fold her arms... and bless that she'll close her eyes... and bless that I will next time too..." At least she's more honest about it, now.

So last night I got most of my hospital things gathered to pack. I realized, today though, that I packed a maternity shirt, which I might need to be that big, one of my extra-large undershirts, which I might need to be that big, and I stopped myself from packing a normal bra, duh, I need a nursing bra.... and maternity "g-s". Thank heavens I realized just why I would be at the hospital and what I'd be doing there! I also realized that I needed to get the car seat all clean and ready...

I went into the nursery to gather some of Peyton's things. I got so excited! I haven't been in her closet since Christmas Eve, to get out gifts that I had hidden in there. I've seen those clothes go through two other girls, yet I am still so excited to see them again on this little one! I do have new things too... I bought her her own "coming home outfit", and I made a matching bracelet... I picked out my favorite rag blanket and matching burp cloth I made, months ago... before I even got pregnant. I made one in cute girlie patterns and another in boyish stuff, just in case... when I come across such cute stuff, how am I supposed to resist? Especially with those little clothes... and when it has "Peyton Green" in it... Not to mention that when Spring hits, I won't have the proper attire for the weather... Give me a minute, I can think of more excuses...

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jaclyn said...

i know what your looking forward to the most during your hospital stay.. mesh panties and 10 foot long pads!! good times ahead for you!