Thursday, January 10, 2008

I wonder...

"I wonder when He comes again,
Will herald angels sing.
Will Earth be white with drifted snow,
Or will the world know spring..."

Give me a minute to be a little contemplative... I have had some time to think. Ashley has me on "newborn feeding schedule training ". Every 2-3 hours, she woke me up for some reason...
So as it takes me a lifetime to get comfortable, and fall back asleep, I've had time to think.
It all started last night. I wanted to watch the news, mostly for snow totals, and today's weather. But instead, I got an earful of the unpleasant, what I don't like to hear about. Wild and weird weather happenings, frome everywhere, violent things throughout the world, and things happening to children that make me want to cry just thinking about the little faces involved. It's just not the news, it's good people around me that I know are struggling, going through times and experiences that really test them.
It is interesting that before I sat down to crochet, and watch the news, we read the Book Of Mormon as a family after prayers. We are in 1 Nephi 11, where Nephi, is talking about Lehi's dream or vision of the "Tree of Life". The mists of darkness is what got me. I know I've read this account numberless times, I know what the mists of darkness represent, but his time, It hit me! (That is a blessing of re-reading the Book Of Mormon, learning new things, seeing things differently for the different stages and times we go through in life...) It hit me that the mists arose as people were holding on tight to the iron rod and pressing forward. It sounded to me like what the days are like today, so much worldly "stuff". Here we are, going on, doing what we do, usually doing what is right, and then here comes the world's ideas... It rises up around us, and tries to consume us and confuse us as to what we should really be doing. Things that we have been doing for so long, we start to question because the world starts to think something else. Things that are right, that we have been doing all along, have been okay to the world, until now... It's just amazing to me to see people that I have admired and looked up to, being swallowed. All of this while I am trying to get myself and my family to keep going forward, only when we can feel and not see, where we are going.

On another note...
I got a "follow-up" phone call from that survey the other night, last night... apparently, the surveyor forgot to ask one really important question.
"Are you employed? Do you work full-time, part time, or are you unemployed?"
"I stay at home."
"So you are unemployed."
"No. I work everyday, I just don't get a paycheck."
"Is that full time?"

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Gramma said...

Hi, I'm Christie's Mom. I love your blog site. As to that survey question and your answer, I think you should submit that to Reader's Digest and you might get $200....maybe more in this day and age, but it is worth trying. Go to their website and you should be able to see how to submit the story! Have a great day!
Sister La'ie Hawaii