Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A conversation over laughing gas.

Yesterday, I took Lynnie-lou to the dentist for her little procedure.

She spent the days leading up to her appointment, worrying, and asking questions as to what was going to happen.  She also took every opportunity she could to pray and ask for comfort and help.

As we pulled up to the dentist’s office, I shut off the car and asked her if she wanted to say a prayer before we went in.  She answered, “Nope.  Something happened and I feel okay about it.  I am not scared anymore.”

I am still curious as to what happened, but she’ll tell me when she is ready.

We got in, and she was the picture of calm.

She followed directions, answered questions unhesitant, well, except for what she wanted to watch..  that took her a minute or two to decide on.

The dentist began prepping her for what was to come, and he kept commenting on how calm she was.

I had mentioned how we explained to her, step by step, what would happen, and how she had prayed, a lot.  Knowing our dentist pretty well, I knew he was religious and a conversation ensued.

While the girl was breathing in her strawberry laughing gas, we talked about what a blessing it is for our kids to know to go to their Heavenly Father in prayer whenever they have a concern.  We also talked about things that we have felt were important for us to do with our own families, how we are blessed when we follow-through and do them.

He shared an experience with me of how one of his children struggle with reading.  He felt very strongly, that they needed to study the scriptures with her.  They did, and sure enough, her grades and reading skills began to improve.  Then he laughed, saying that he usually doesn’t get this spiritual with patients in his office.

Kind of funny, we had such a discussion over laughing gas.

There was not one single problem during her time there.  He and his assistant kept commenting on how good she was doing, how calm she was.  She did so well that he got her a special prize when he was finished.

Later in the day, she came to me with the complaint that it hurt when she opened her mouth wide.  I explained to her that it would go away.  It was just where he gave her a shot to numb her up.

“He gave me a shot?!”

“Yes. You don’t remember?”

“No.  I just kept my mouth open, ignored what he was doing and watched the TV.”

Isn’t she awesome?

There were many prayers of thankfulness offered after our day there.


anniebobannie said...

What a sweet story. I needed that today thanks.

Ally's Corner said...

Wonderful story!!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love this story! Kids sure teach me what I need to do on a daily basis! Tell Lynn that her story helped me today! I needed to hear this!

Julie said...

What great faith that sweet 7-year-old has. She's such an amazing girl.