Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A tradition.

Every summer when U-Days rolls around, we are usually there at the parade, and sometimes even in the park afterward.

Sometimes we attend the salmon bake in the town park.

We always go to Pitcher’s Sports to watch the fireworks and catch a glimpse of the “U” lit on the side of the mountain.  (We are not always hip on being in the center of a big crowd.)

This year, thanks to our hurricane-like weather, almost all U-Day events were postponed.

For our Family Home Evening activity, we went down to Pitcher’s to wait for the firework display.

The girls love it….

Jumping on all the trampolines.

11-14 050

Playing on all the swing-sets.

11-14 047

Peyton especially loved it.  She would climb up the slides, sit at the top, say, “Ready…  Set..  GO!!'” slide down, and move on to the next slide.

11-14 046

We swung on every swing (just about).

I messed around with my camera taking pictures of just about everything, but was disappointed that EVERY picture of the fireworks had powerlines and/or streetlights in them. 

11-14 044



I will get better ones later this summer.

Tis the season for fireworks!

11-14 080

1 comment:

BookwormMom said...

No pics of the actual fireworks?

I was going to take my boys to the top of the hill behind the Baptist church to watch...but we had such a long day I forgot about it until I was getting into bed and heard the fireworks start...