Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy’s day off.

We all love when Merrill takes a day off.

We usually spend a great part of the day outside, getting the lawn trimmed and primped, but we play too.

Yesterday, there were a few funnies, courtesy of the girls, that came with our fun day.

We had a few errands to run after the yard was taken care of.  A few were at the mall.  We don’t go there very often, for various reasons.  We just don’t go if we don’t have to.

Yesterday was Peyton’s first time venturing the mall sans stroller.  I think she enjoyed it too much.  Her adventurous little spirit led us to many a window display yesterday, and everything was “cool!”.

As we left the mall, on our way to find the right sized inner tubes for Ashley’s bike, Peyton was tossing out names of stores we could possibly be going to.  That cracked Merrill up that she would know the possible stops.  Once we confirmed that we would be stopping at Target, she said, “OH!  Tah-get..  I love you Tah-get!”

june 16-17 076

We got bikes fixed, enjoyed the rest of the day outside, got many pics…

 june 16-17 059june 16-17 053  june 16-17 056

I had to take Ashley’s training wheels off to fix the back tire, and asked her if she would try riding without her training wheels just to try it.  She was freaked-out.  She wanted to go get Merrill (who was trying to rid himself of a headache..) so he could “protect her from me”.  What a crack-up.

Her training wheels are back on.  I think she has fully recovered.

june 16-17 036 june 16-17 037

But none of Lynn, she is just too fast for me now. :(

We ate dinner and prepared to head out to Lagoon of the evening.

(The issue with the car fixed itself when Merrill took it out for a drive to see if the issue was with the brakes.  Hallelujah!)

When we were talking about going “somewhere fun”, Ashley got so excited!  When we told them we were going to Lagoon, her excitement disappeared.  She was disappointed, she’d rather go play on all the swing sets at Pitcher’s Sports.

What a goof.

We had a fun night there.  Peyton was the one who chose most of our rides there.  The train being a top priority, and the carousel also.  She got too comfortable on the sky ride, (my dad would have freaked out) as did Lynn on the Tidal-Wave.  The fearlessness in them reassures me that they have some of me in them.

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Sunshine and Lazy days said...

my ten year old finally let us take the training wheels off her bike two weeks ago! :) Imagine the horror when we took those things off...and then she was fine!