Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do I say that?

The girls are keeping up with the silliness.

What would life be without that?

I don’t want to know..  really, I don’t.

Lynn is keeping up with her goal of reading 100 books, and while reading to me the other night, she kept inserting the word “shenanigans” about every other word.

Do I say that or something?

It was pretty silly.

Peyton is on her “Labyrinth” kick, still..  kind of.  Merrill thinks she looks like Ludo, when her hair is un-done.  She likes to quip “NOT FAIR!!” no matter what the situation is.

She also has hair that is long enough for my to put in one ponytail, on the top of her head.  It is so stinkin’ cute!

She has also memorized a Quest commercial.  It comes on a lot in the morning hours when the news is on.  Her favorite part: “Mr. Pickles..  are you wearing a wire?  Tell me…  TELL ME!!”

We also made up our own version of “You are my sunshine”.  It revolves around a pickle.  Just something else the girls are asking for a lot more lately..  that and popsicles.

Ashley is Ashley, she usually assumes “the position” when her name is called loudly (or yelled in most cases).  The position you might ask..  She stands stick straight, and covers her bum with both hands.

(Can you tell who has been getting threatened a lot lately?)

They are all getting tanned and turning blonde thanks to the heavenly time spent outside.

Summertime isn’t too shabby.


Bonnie said...

:) Popcicles, tans, funny girls!

Jamie said...

Good times... I love summer! Your little Peyton is growing up... when did that happen?

Janet said...

Waiting patiently(kinda)... for pictures of her hair

Jocelyn said...

yea for summer time and tans and blonde hair! your girls sound like so much fun:-)