Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pre-father’s day fun.

Our weekend consisted of three Father’s days.


And they were all so much fun!

Friday, we had a barbeque and swim evening at Merrill’s parents.  That was a father’s day / birthday (meow kitty!) celebration.  The girls’ weren’t in the mood for me to snap too many pics of them.  They were in a heaven of cool blue.

june 18 028

june 18 015 june 18 055

Saturday we went to my parents for another barbeque and more fun was had there.

(And more pics were taken…  lots more.)

We ate lots of good food, and cupcakes…

19-22 008

Held babies, and played with them…

19-22 020 19-22 032

Took more pictures, and laughed..

19-22 041 19-22 053 19-22 073 19-22 097 19-22 115

Saturday we went and watched Terrace Days fireworks, and got the best seat in the house I’d say.

I just regret not lugging my camera with us on the hike, because it was a hike to get to where we were…

Oh, well.  One day…

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Bon said...

Gosh look at that picture of Grandpa!