Friday, June 11, 2010

The latest obsession.

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Being a Pitcher, comes with a few pre-requisites.
(Kind of like being a mother has the pre-requisite of being a female.)
- You have to patiently deal with punctuality issues.
- Be tolerant of flannel sheets year-round.
- Be okay with sharing items (i.e. the community cup, the community chapstick..  etc.)
- Loving Reese’s.
The first two have been trying at times, the last two, not that hard.
Especially the last one.
Loving Reese’s has come easily to those who live in our home.
Loving dark chocolate, however, is an art.
So I believed, that when someone who knows of my love for dark chocolate brought me a new-fangled treat, that the treats would be safe from other Reese’s lovers in the house.
This kind heart brought them to me in the check-stand form, the larger cups in the pack of two.  Two of those check-stand packs, to be exact.
So I had no problems, in theory, of sharing one of those with Merrill, who can appreciate dark chocolate from time to time.
Then the plans changed one day.
I have been doing pretty well cutting back on sugar, but this one particular day, around five o’clock, right during dinner preparations, I NEEDED sugar.  Thankfully, I had something three times as good.  (12 times if I am doing the math right, there were four cups..)
It was heavenly.
Peyton found her way to me, she probably heard the rustling of the wrapper, smelled the scent of something better than just good.
Being the kind mother I am, I gave her one of the cups that I had only taken one bite of.
In that moment, it was decided that there would be no package of two saved for Merrill.  I enjoyed every bite, every bite with the exception of the last two bites.  Peyton wanted more too.
Enter some awesome coupons I clipped in May.
I found the miniatures, purchased them and some of the regular miniature Reese’s intended for the consumption of others in the house, only to have the bag of dark chocolate ones practically inhaled in less than one day.
By Merrill and myself.
Yup.  He likes ‘em too.
So as I had to go to the bank to make the deposit yesterday, I found the perfect excuse to buy another bag.
(The bank is so conveniently located within the walls of our local grocery store.)
I don’t call it a total failure in my war on sugar.  Dark chocolate is so good for you!  As is the protein in the peanut butter.
How’s that for looking on the bright side? ;)


anniebobannie said...

I think of you everytime I see anything Dark Chocolate!

Rachael said...

He he he...

Amber said...

I was unaware of the existence of dark chocolate Reese's! I guess that's one drawback to shopping at Aldi. Thanks for the info, I'll have to check them out! :)

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love that! I'm going to use that when I need a treat, and if a certain man in the house complains, hey it's protein and dark chocolate! :)

kdance10 said...

I think i will have to give them a try:)

Jocelyn said...

i heart the dark choc reeses!!!! i have been known to hide a bag just for me and leave a bag out for the kids:-p dark choc is the absolute best huh?

Julie said...

I love your rationalization! Pretty much any candy can by good for you. Right?

Stephanie said...

I didn't even know about the dark chocolate ones!! I must try them....NOW! :)

Melissa Cornell said...

HI ya! newby here, cute cute blog and your girls, oh my, how pretty are they!!
Enjoyed reading your blog, looking forward to your new posts...