Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The latest and greatest…

I would have to say that the most exciting thing about life right this second is the 30 boxes of cereal I have neatly lined up in my basement right now.  It’s those 30 boxes or the freezer full of ice cream I have (and the five dollar gift card to Target earned in the process of buying so much ice cream). 

Everything else is blah.

May I present to you exhibit A:

- I took Lynn to the dentist today.  She has a cavity.  One that has been aspiring to grow into something bigger and better since her Kindergarten check up (two years ago).  It has finally realized it’s dream, and I am now realizing my nightmare as she gets to have a child root canal next week.

All of this after I had to go get my chipped filling repaired, only to find some decay underneath that filling.

Oh, and my first cavity since I was 17 will be repaired later this month.

There goes half the month’s pay…..

(I guess that should cover exhibits B, C, and D…..)

On to exhibit E:

- I officially gave up on potty-training.

It lasted ONE week.

ONE week in which she peed in countless thick white training pants, pulls ups, and on the floor, and peed in the potty only ONCE.


I gave up!

(We’ll try again in September when it is just she and I, no other kids and no spontaneous trips to the park, or Lagoon, where it isn’t so much fun to be with a newly-potty-trained child.)

Exhibit F:

- The car won’t start.

I think it is demonstrating it’s first rebellious act of tennagerdom.

Our little Civic is 13!

It’s not that bad.  Merrill is sure it is just the battery.

But no car makes it fun to hit others up for a ride to the dentist, or to go procure cereal on sale (that isn’t Cap’n Crunch).

(Thanks JuJu…)

On the fun side, we are eyeing prospective new means of transportation, and dreaming.

So there’s a sampling of the summer fun we are enjoying.

It is a good thing I am a homebody!


Bonnie said...

The potty training at our house lasted a day and a half so that was a great effort!

Amber said...

I am feeling you on the car trouble. We're still not 100% sure what is wrong with my car but we dare not drive it any more than necessary and are praying that it will hold out on dieing entirely until after the wedding. That means that on my day off without Branden I don't leave the house and pretty much spend the day doing laundry. At least it still starts.

Ally's Corner said...

I have to get a crown so I understand. Civic, I gave mine up when it was 12. Potty training I would pay someone to potty train my kids, hated it. Hated it so much I waited until my girls were little over 3 years old. I stayed home one week, and left the panties on and had them both trained by the end of the week. Alana pooped on the floor during that week, Phil about lost it. I said what is the difference if the dogs poop on the floor, he closed his month. Glad I'm done with that. Now I have to deal with hormones.

Rachael said...

Bummer deal! If you ever need anything I'm always here. :) Hopefully it's just the battery.