Friday, June 4, 2010

Messing with Monochrome.

I love having a thirst for knowledge.
I especially love learning about the things I want to, in the way I want to.
After finishing Candice Stringham’s “Oh, Shoot!” class online, I didn’t want to stop!
I found a book on Amazon, specifically about my camera.  It was written by a professional photographer who likes to go and buy the latest and greatest, play with it, and help teach others how to get the most out of them.
I have learned so much, and I am only halfway through.
One of the features he addresses is the “Monochrome”.  To most people it is known as “black and white”.  My camera gives options to setting the specifics of monochrome.  Brightness, contrast, sharpening, filter effects, and toning.
I have been having so much fun playing and experimenting with this picture control.
You can get a variety of different looks..  so cool!
Here are just some of my favs.
(Can you tell which child is the most cooperative, the most willing to sit and take picture after picture?  She is the one who keeps saying,  “How about one like this mom?”)
june4 145 june4 163 june4 179 june4 180 june4 194 june4 204 june4 205 june4 208 june4 219
The girls love it when I make their eyes “sparkle”, it is quite a high.
Sadly, the information as to the sharpening, contrast, brightness setting, and what color filter I used, is not attached in the file information.  There will be more experimenting to learn what I like best…
Ahhh..  the learning continues. :)
P.S.  I don’t think I can ever go back to auto mode again.  I love having entire control of my camera!


anniebobannie said...

Beautiful job and beautiful subjects!

Rachael said...

Those pictures look awesome!