Saturday, June 5, 2010


Because it is that time of the year.

We spend so much of our time outside, that it makes for awesome naptimes where Pey is concerned (and sometimes me too, but shh..  don’t tell Merrill), and great bedtimes for everyone else.

Lots of baths too.

Lynn keeps commenting on how “hot” it is.  We keep telling her to wait until July.

When July comes, I will be thankful that I am not preggers (sorry Bonnie). 

Utah + July + being pregnant = misery.

I know because I have done it three times now and swear every time that I will NEVER do THAT again…

(How’d you like that for a tangent?)

I took 311 pictures yesterday.


Not all of them were of my kiddos, but most of them were.

Here were some of my favs from outside:

june4 246 june4 242 june4 268 barefoot


Bonnie said...

AHHHHHH! July. I am scared, very scared. My feet, they are ALREADY twice their normal size. Glad someone knows what I will be going through. Love ya!

anniebobannie said...

I totally agree that being preggo in summer ESPECIALLY July STINKS!!! I hope to have my next baby in the month of May so I can NEVER have to be pregnant in summer AGAIN!!!! ( not next may, a few may's away!!) Lynn and Ash look ADORABLE!!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

your girls are so cute! Have fun in the sun until July! I'm already planning on what to do inside in the a/c because Dixie gets way to hot!

Crystal said...

311!!!!! Holy cow. Now thats a TON of pictures. I love to play outside ALL day. My kids love it too. But I hate the feeling of "needing" to get stuff done in the house. :-( That always puts a damper on things.