Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She’s my favorite!

Is that bad to say?

(Okay, then I will follow that up with telling you that each of my girls are my favorite, at different times of the day..  okay now?)

But really..  she is too much fun.

I caught these shots of her during breakfast, before #1 and #2 were up.  My zoom lens helped to earn me some candidness.

11-14 017 11-14 020 11-14 023

She calls her fruit loops, “fu-hula hoops” and tells me she loves “choc-a-milk”.

But she also tells me throughout the course of the day that she loves many things.


- “Yay!!  Bubba-gum!!  I love it mom!!”

- “Phantom!!  I love it!”

- “Ice cream!!  Yay!!!!  I love it!”

- “Outside!  I love it!!!”

When asked who wants to do a particular something, i.e. have a treat, say a prayer, brush teeth, go to bed, Pey is the first to respond with: “ME!  ME!  I do!  I do!”

She repeats far too much of what we say.

She has picked up on “Say what?”

And the other day when Ashley was screaming (for fun I must add), I kept yelling (not for fun, but to try to regain my sanity) “SHUT IT ASH!!”

Peyton picked up on that fun little phrase really fast.

We had to laugh.

Another time, when Ashley was crying about something (anything with her, she is our most hormonal/emotional little girl…) I said to Merrill, “Someone needs to go ask that fool what she’s crying about now.”

A couple of minutes later, I hear Peyton saying, “Ashley, what you crying about fool?”

Everything is a race to her.  Everything.  She also seems to crash, a lot, but rarely, if ever, cries about it.

She likes to walk up to any one of us, smell our leg, thigh, or butt region and exclaim, “Eeewww!!!  Gross!”

(I should also note that when she smells ANYTHING, flowers, perfume, poop, food, she says, “Eeewww!!!  Gross!”)

She frequently likes to list off all the people she loves.

She is always included in that list.

At a PTA meeting, she listed the names of everyone in our little family, then added, “And Ju-lee, and Kiss-tee..”.  She even added a determined little nod with a lip pucker after listing their names.

When she says the prayer, she also tells Heavenly Father what activities she has been participating in that day.

“And play with blocks..  and play with dolls.  Eat ice cream.  Play outside.  Go Goon..”

She always tries to say the prayer, even after someone else has been called on.  She thinks that if she starts to say it before they do, then it will be her turn.

She says her prayers with one eye open and a grin on her face.

Lynn now has a lock on her door and when Peyton goes to visit her, she knocks to try to gain entry.  When asked who it is, she tries to pass herself off as “mom” or “dad”, but quickly tells the truth.

She has kicked the binky habit.

She is sticking to her finger-sucking habit.

She has picked-up a habit of Lynn’s that we are battling daily to get rid of.  She starts most every sentence with “Guess what?”  and now Peyton has started to employ this method of conversation starters.

When she is tired, she comes to me, holds up her arms, and blinks those tired, long-lashed eyes, and asks me to “snuggle you mommy?”

The other night, I finished a baby beanie.  She thought it was for her and was very disappointed when I told her it was for my baby gift stash.  I had to make one for her.  When I finished it, we had to take pictures (of course).

Just more evidence as to why she is my favorite.

(And don’t ask me to pick just one, I can’t.)

11-14 028

A little wink action.

11-14 026  11-14 029 11-14 032 11-14 037 13

So now, can you see why she is my favorite?

(I am working on getting ponytail pics for you mom..  just for you.)


BookwormMom said...

She is so sweet!

And I totally understand how each child is your different times and for different things!

I battle those emotions daily at my house!

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love that! She is so adorable!

anniebobannie said...

She is yummy!

Bonnie said...

This girl of yours is seriously SO cute! They all are but she is a cutie!!! The pictures at breakfast are classic!

Jocelyn said...

aaaahhhh...she is such a little cutie!!! it cracks me up the little things that kids pick up on:-)

Tiffany said...

She is so cute! I love hearing all the stories about her, I can't help but smile as I read.

kdance10 said...

Oh mindy she is toooo cute:) I love the hat pictures(love the hat too) Jace is at a fun, but also naughty stage right now lol.
When we getting together??

kdance10 said...

Oh mindy she is toooo cute:) I love the hat pictures(love the hat too) Jace is at a fun, but also naughty stage right now lol.
When we getting together??