Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11th..

This one is for you Melissa…



kdance10 said...

That's hilarious!!

Gary Boyle Family said...

That is HILARIOUS! ROFL! Here I was checking to see if you had a picture of all of your cereal boxes lined up, and the first picture I see, I'm laughing my butt off!

I'm thinking we had WAY too much spare time on our hands when we were little. Did Chin-a-gins (sp?) ever get old? I can't believe I have never introduced them to MY children! (At first I thought maybe that was you in the picture, but the missing teeth gave it away.) ;)

Seriously- what an amazing shot! With your permission I might have to print it off and keep it so I can always be able to describe what exactly kept us entertained all those hours. (I'm thinking we video taped all our lip-synching songs, but I don't know if my parents had that old huge clunker of a video recorder, then.) (I've always wondered if they have gone through all those old VHS tapes they were always recording on.)

Thanks SO much for the laugh! (Did your girls have fun?) ;)

(Side note- I wonder if we have the same baby doll crib as you do, that pink and white check blanket looks familiar! LOL!)