Wednesday, March 28, 2012

my newfound membership in the “ffa”.

are you singing “the dixie chicks” song, “goodbye earl” in your head now?


I know I have been.

so let me explain somethings to you.

1) “ffa” doesn’t stand for what you think it stands for.  it stands for “fearlessly finding awesome”.

b) it’s a club of sorts.

III.) I am hoping it will help me to un-funkify my bedroom.

(as well as other areas in my home.)

there is this blog, that I have happened to love for quite a while now.  I just love this chick’s attitude.  her personality rocks, and what’s best is that she is real.  she shares her incredible talents and gained knowledge (don’t you love it when people don’t keep cool ideas to themselves?) but she also shares bits of her real life.  I think that is what has attached her to me in a very irreversible way.

well, that and her sense of humor.

so usually you join a club because the club is based on something you enjoy doing or something you want to enjoy doing, or learn more about, or if you just need help in that particular area.  the latter is the reason I joined.

now our first assignment is “catch a dream”, we are to put into words what we want our home to feel like.

- organized.

- fun.

- peaceful.

I guess that the first thing listed totally describes me.

but in no way do I want my home to be a stack of blocky shelves stacked with boxes all labeled very uniformly with a label maker.

dude, I said I wanted it to be fun.

I attempted to hunt around the interwebs (mostly the pinterest) to find pictures that would define how I want things to be around these parts and for real, I started to get waaaaay ahead of myself.

baby steps.

for real.

so for now, no pix.

and for now, I will focus on my bedroom.

thing is, I want my bedroom to embody all the aforementioned traits, but I want it to be secksy as well.

it is so not any of those things right now.

(I could show you, but that would just be beyond comical.)

I am not sure I would even post a picture if it was assigned to us in one of our club meetings.

it’s that bad.

thing is, at our old house (as in the place we lived about three years ago) everything had an order to it, everything had it’s place.  we had worked our butts off and made that little home OUR home, and I loved every area in it. (well, except for two of the bathrooms.  they still needed an intervention.)  our bedroom was shoved to the last item on the list to be re-habilitated and that kind of sucked, but I was able to narrow down the vast list of what I thought I wanted, to what I really wanted by the time we got to that room.  and I got it all put together.  it was a space that we loved.

and then, we moved.

everything got shuffled and re-organized.

don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun.  I love our house.  it just isn’t ours.  yet.  I mean, it is “ours” it just doesn’t feel like “us”.

I am slowly trying to get things to a point where they function for me (uh..  I mean us.) to where life just kind of flows and things make sense.

so I guess that is where the organization being #1 comes in.

I could give  quite the descriptive list of things that I would change in/about my house now, but that would be lengthy, and merrill would roll his eyes and then he might roll them too much or too far back that he might fall over and lose consciousness.

that could be scary.

(he’s that enamored with my dreams for this place.)

so I won’t.

and that is also why I have decided to start with our bedroom, put all the other stuff that will likely not happen for a very long time, on the back-burner and get to this space that drives me batty.

I deserve a pretty place to lay my head, don’t i?

so I lied about the picture bit, because I do have some inspiration for this area of mine (and merrill’s)…



I love this!

and I have been dreaming of this headboard ever since we saw this movie..

(the change-up)


I want my base colors to be neutral (thinking “revere pewter” for the walls), but want some pops of color.  I just want to make it easy for when I need to change things up a bit.


and I love this technique on the wall.



the used an eggshell for the majority of the wall, and a high gloss for the stenciled part.  I love the way it looks.

and then there is this….


like my husband is going to go for a big bunch of ruffles on his bed?

yeah, I didn’t think so.

if you would like to jump out of your comfort zone/beautify your home/be inspired/join the ffa, click on my friends!

hopefully, someday sooner rather than later, my bedroom will not be blah.

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Julie said...

I hope all your dreams come true! Loved your numbering system, by the way.

Twin Mama said...

You blog is really cute! I love the colors, the chevron stripes, the font, and especially the photo at the top!


George and Kelly Midbust said...

Hi Mindy,

My name is Kelly and I actually found your blog while reading the "FFA" posting on the vintagerevivals blog. Your ideas, photos, and posts are amazing. So I have a crazy question.....what is the name of the paint color of your gray wall where the picture of your girls was taken? I've been looking for the perfect grayish color and I think that might be it.
Please help me so I can stop painting spots on my walls:)


Morgan said...

looking forward to seeing your house become your home!! yay for 'meeting' - loving ffa already :)

Jenny said...

Can't wait for a bedroom reveal post!


Jill Schrader said...

Little steps are definitely the key, I think. Less overwhelming, and I think make for better results. Go FFA!

Kim-the-girl said...

So, funny thing... you know my husband (I think) and my cute in-laws Eric and Sara (and sweet baby Luke below)... You happened upon my hollidaisycreates blog via FFA~ what a small world! I think your blog is beautiful! And I'm sure your home will be what you want it in no time!

Missy said...

We recently (welp, um, 15 months ago...) moved and I absolutely feel the same way. I desperately want to make this house OUR home and not the other people's home. It's such a challenge, especially on a budget! I can't wait to see what you do!

P.S. I just painted our office/craft room Revere Pewter and I AM IN LOVE!! Perfect shade of greige. So calm.