Sunday, May 20, 2012

annular eclipse.

we don’t get too terribly geeked-out about many things here, but when it is something that hasn’t happened for 20 or so years, we get into it as much as we can.

merrill got out his welding helmet, and we dragged the kiddos outside to see the eclipse.

it was pretty cool.

first up is ash (cause you totally know that is her, right?) and lynn, with her poor bear, lancelot (you know, from “labyrinth”?)  his retinas are burned severely now.

eclipse 004  eclipse 015

and peyton’s turn!!

eclipse 010

darn clouds…

this was more towards the beginning of the eclipse.  we didn’t get to see the “ring”.  we are too far north or some junk like that.

eclipse 024

we called our friends over so they could see it too, and while waiting for turns with the welding helmet, they played “sun, moon, sun, moon, eclipse!!!”.  pretty cute and awfully creative.

I feel like I should have made cupcakes or something…

eclipse 030

this was the best it got for us, just a crescent of the sun.

and darn those clouds again.

eclipse 064

so until 2023….  this is the best we’ll get!


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I read about the eclipse last night. Told my husband we should watch it. And promptly forgot about it until we went on a walk towards the end of the eclipse! I warned the kids not to look at the sun, after doing so myself.. Glad I am not blind! :)

mandi said...

Should've come to visit me. We had the ring. It's not that far...

Bonnie said...

Rob and I love space stuff so we drove to see the ring. So worth it! Used welders glass too!