Saturday, May 19, 2012

more of peyton.

documenting the life of a 4 year old is rather interesting, and humorous.

I get to hear some pretty interesting knock-knock jokes, and various versions of “why did the chicken cross the road” riddles.  my days with her are never dull.

I have noticed, that whenever I tickle her in her neck, she has to concentrate, like put all of her thoughts and energy into getting my finger out of her neck.  she gets a really serious look on her face, she opens her mouth wide, and slowly lifts her little face off of her neck, freeing my finger.  it is quite the feat.  it is also so funny!!

what is not so funny, her second horrible, but this time, self-inflicted hair cut.

night before last, the kid got me up at 12:24 am, 1:26ish, a couple of times in the 2 am hour, two more times in the 3 am block, and the last time at 4:54 am.  I was a little tired once my friday REALLY started.

the last time she got me up, she told me that it was raining in her room.

she led my sleepy self there, and then stood in her bedroom doorway, looking up at the ceiling.

“don’t you see it??…”

no, I didn’t. 

the solution to this up and down kind of night, and the “rain falling from the ceiling”, was to snuggle with big sis in her bed. 

sometimes that is all you need I guess.

a big sister to snuggle with, and sleep, solid sleep, that is.

despite her odd nocturnal activities, she is pretty darn cute.

may 113_edit_vintagemay 131_edit_b&wmay 157_edit_vintagemay 165_edit_vintagemay 179_edit_b&w

these are going up, into her darling pink-striped room.  I am finishing a couple of projects and then I can show you something in my house that is really cute, not beige, and has some personality!

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Missy said...

Someday {probably when I rob a bank and/or camera store} when I have a rad camera, I am going to make you teach me to take beautiful photos. I would love to have something like this of my munchkins.