Monday, May 28, 2012

mommy memory.

I am having some issues.  not huge issues, but things that make me feel kind of silly.
example 1:
it’s saturday night, I am putting the finishing touches on a project, and I am thinking about how I NEED to get to bed because if I get to bed too late, I will want a nap on sunday, and if I take a nap on sunday, then my body delays bedtime (or the time I actually fall asleep, rather) naptime x 3.  and if I don’t sleep good that night, then monday is going to be a pain!  you know, what with getting kiddos up for school and all..
there is no school monday!!
it’s summer!!!!!
example 2:
after I realize that it is now summer, I start to make plans in my head for monday.  there were a few errands thrown in there, and then I realized, monday is memorial day.
that would be today.  but with kids barfing, and a husband working (because he kinda sorta forgot that it is memorial day too, and didn’t plan to take the day off), it doesn’t feel very holiday-ey.  but believe you me, when I remember that today is memorial day, at different intervals throughout the day, I will honor it.
along with that, it is more in store monday.  and with that, there are a few projects to post, and more of the hybrid type to come. 
I am also in the midst of cleaning out my room..  kinda fun.
(click on the page for full list of crap used.)
some elle’s studio:
a new kit from pink paislee:
and here’s some goodies from nancie rowe janitz:
I am hoping to complete the art journaling class that I started in the spring..
I suck at finishing classes!


the lovebirds said...

your little stories above made me giggle! Thank goodness it's summer! xo

Heather Landry said...

Well don't feel bad because I only JUST finished the Art Journaling class myself. LOL Enjoy your Summer!

His Little Lady said...

ha, love these little examples! thank goodness for summer ;)
xo TJ

Barbara said...

Hi Mindy. Just poppping on over from the J*S forums. (this is grantandlaurensmom BTW). Just wanted to tell you ... I love your pages! I especially love the cropping on that sepia toned photo!