Monday, May 21, 2012

little soccer player.

and please, when you read “soccer”, don’t read “sock-her”.  read it like adam sandler would say it: “sock-a playa”.  that’s just how we say it around here.

we (totally meaning “I”) also yell (but not in anger), to pump her crazy legs, and when she starts to get to polite on the field, I yell her name (but again, not in anger, it has been 7 months, almost 8 now!!) and make a fist and growl at her.  I want her to play for heaven’s sake!!  not apologize for stealing the ball and then practically giving it back!

she has had a love/hate relationship with soccer (again, please watch your pronunciation!).  any given day she would be in love, absolute love I tell you, with soccer.  the next, she would hate it.

today, and she has been holding steady for a week now (amazing!!), that she loves it.

I signed her up for another year, and in all the excitement/convincing peyton became sold on the idea as well.  come fall, we will have two little “socca-playas”.

this weekend, ash had her last game.  the kid was responsible for shooting a few goals, and making one.  she had a few awesome blocks, but none as awesome as the header she took a few weeks ago.  that was fun!

I didn’t get pictures of her last game, and with her wearing her most awesome participation medal (that I have been commissioned to make a shelf for, as well as all soon to follow medals and trophies…), but looking through last week’s pictures, I found some evidence that she is mine..  you know, despite that fact that she pretty much looks just like her dad and all.


my dad used to tease me when I would play basketball.  I mean, he teased me a lot, not just when I played basketball, but when I would play basketball, and maybe miss a shot, he would tell me that I wasn’t “holding my tongue right”.

apparently ash has inherited this from me.

isn’t she cute?

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