Wednesday, May 9, 2012

mother’s day gift idea.

so I totally have mother’s day covered this year.

I know, I am incredible!!

(but thanks really belongs to miss jessica sprague.)

you see, I was asked to test this mini class, as in, get to take it before anyone else did, to make sure it made sense and junk?  and it totally did.  and as was making my little family tree poster, a little idea entered my mind.

“you could so do these for mother’s day gifts…”

and guess what?

when I got my poster and saw it in all of it’s printed, physical glory, I was like, “yeah.  this would be pretty darn amazing.”

and since I enjoy evoking emotions, I planned on doing it.

then, my first-grader gasped when she saw it.

(it helps that we have been finding and reading stories about our ancestors.)

but she GASPED!!

so that pretty much did it.

(mom, you better not be looking/reading.  but whatever, yours isn’t on here.)

so here’s mine:

js_familytree_1 copy

and obviously, it’s for my kiddos, only goes back to their great-grandparents.

(ash was trying to spot her 5th great-grandfather..  nope, doesn’t go back that far.)

my mother’s day gift version has been tweaked a bit.  it has parents at the base of the tree with the kids and grandchildren up in the branches.

it’s quite sweet.

js_familytree_2 copy

and I really love this quote:

“looking at the faces of those who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.”

-Gail Lumet Buckley

so, if you are at all interested, here’s the link to the class.

it seriously took me no time at all to plug in pics and names.  then it gets printed, and you frame it…  so easy.

and all the gasps and tears are totally worth it!

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mandi said...

This is awesome. And I totally missed it. Completely. Not even on the radar. It would have made a fantastic gift for my mom. Darn.