Friday, May 4, 2012

saturday fun with punkley pitcher.

“one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong, can you tell which thing is not like the others. by the time I finish my song?”

was what I sang after I saw this:

saturday fun with punkley

whelp, this is the kind of fun you are in store for when you get to spend an entire saturday with punkley (aka merrill) pitcher

we had the jacked-up water heater replaced by the best plumber EVER! and were feeling so high and happy, we decided to tear into the garage.

well, that’s not really how it happened.  we needed to shut off the power to fix our sprinkler system situation, but needed to wait for him to finish up, so we decided to tear into the garage while we waited.  it has been something that I have been slowly working at for a while..

we got the tool holder deal-ios from lowe’s, we had them at the old house and quite loved them, so thus, it was a necessary repeat here.   sad thing is, we are approaching 3 years here, and we are just getting to this…

wish I would have taken a before picture, but vomit on your keyboard isn’t good.

(you are welcome.)

he was in quite the silly mood (slightly giddy about the new water heater I supposed), so funny things like this happened.

his explanation for how it fit, went a little something like this:

“well, if there were a zombie apocalypse, these would all be considered weapons.  then the baseball bat fits.”



saturday was a very full day for us. 

- the water heater is no longer jacked-up.

- the garage is all cleaned out and organized.

- we managed to program the “home link” button in our pilot to the garage door opener.  hey, it’s only been two years (okay, almost).

- and after 4 trips out to “chad’s”, we fixed the sprinkling system.

that was quite the relief.

our controller, the timer deal, was apparently friend in a power surge (thankyouverymuchrockymountainpower…) and needed to be replaced.  initially, we thought it would just be the front panel, but not so.  the new panel was too big for our existing box, so we had to change the whole box, and happily so, because the new one is bigger for a reason, and a very good one at that.  there is a protection in it, for, get this, power surges!!!

merrill was playing the role of punkley quite well as we took out each wire from the old box to make the transition, saying such punkish things as:

“when we hook up the new one, it isn’t going to work.”

“aren’t you going to be pissed when we get this all done, and it still doesn’t work.”

“what is the problem going to be when this doesn’t work?”

see, punk.

all I could say to my dear punkley was: “there is going to be a pretty epic run-to-and-hug episode played out in our front yard when this works.”

I was functioning totally on positive vibolas.

he doesn’t have very many positive vibolas.

but guess what?

after we got all the wires fixed in their proper positions in the new box, and junk, we turned on the power, and started that sprinkling system up and….


like it should!!

as in the way it is supposed to!!

and I ran to him, because we weren’t by each other, and he thought we were going to chest bump (?) but instead I jumped on him in that epic embrace, except for he wasn’t expecting that, so instead of both of us cheering, I was, and he was groaning.

then we laughed.

I hope I don’t have to drive out to chad’s again for a very, very, long time.

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Sherri Wright said...

You are so cute. Love it!