Monday, May 7, 2012

my new obsession with misting.

I am unable to disclose, at this time, how many mists I have.

I have a few actual, as in “squirt, squirt” mists, and a few more digital, as in “no mess”, mists.

I am slightly obsessed at the moment.

I have a few layouts open, that I go between when I have a second, trying to tweak and add until they are just right, with these new digital mists incorporated.

let’s face it, they were inspired by these mists!!

(click on the layout for a special prize.)

(whatever, you should know by now, it’s for full credits and links to the goodies.)


on this layout, I had the title in 15 (fifteen!!) different fonts.  most of them a similar style, most of them stroked (the font itself turned off, and the outline visible), and I kept going between each one, clicking the little eyeball next to each layer to turn it off an on, trying to decide which font I loved best.

it was excruciating.

but I love the end result.

lemme tell you a little something though..

these misting brushes, they come with different masks.  different brushes, come with different masks. 

that means, multiple misting brushes, different looks..

I simply have to have them all!!

(slightly obsessed.)

and what’s awesome on top of the already very awesome?

no mess.

no mess to clean up!!!

that is pretty sweet considering my actual scrapbooking room is one giant mess, that needs to be cleaned up.

might I suggest you go and buy every “knock out” now, today, so you can get them for a crazy good price.

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