Tuesday, May 22, 2012

this would be lynnie-lou.

I have re-filled my “bribe bin” yo.

what’s that?  you have not heard of the “bribe bin”?

a couple of years ago, my friend told me about one other mom’s idea to take the money (cha-ching) that she WOULD HAVE spent going somewhere to have pictures professionally done, and spent it on crap.  dollar store, target dollar isle, crap.  she filled a bin with it, and when her children happily acquiesced to her request to take a picture, they got to reward themselves with a treat from the “bribe bin”.

dude, I hopped on that like that one suess character hopped on pop.

it is a marvelous thing. 

my trip to the dollar store produced pop rocks, ring pops, sour patch kids, swedish fish, and a plethora of princess stickers.  all of these things exist in my little girls’ idea of heaven.

but, I have added a couple of little details to this.

a) I get to pick out their outfit.  but sometimes their little outfits, chosen so creatively, are my muse.

2) I get to style their hair.  this comes in most importantly for peyton.

III) I pick the time and location.  I need good light.

four) I even invented another requirement, that nails need to be painted.  I don’t care how long it stays on, they must be manicured!!

so needless to say, peyton was the first, obviously,  and the other two have been waiting, and asking, and begging, pleading even, tears have been involved…  to have their turn.  pop rocks are more popular than I had anticipated.

lynn was the most dramatic about it, so she was next:

(and I had a really hard time picking my favorites, don’t judge me.)

lynn_08_edit_b&w burnlynn_07_edit_boldlynn_05_edit_b&w burnlynn_01_edit_bold burn

but this laughing sequence is the best ever….

lynn_12_edit_b&w burnlynn_11_edit_b&w burnlynn_10_edit_b&w burnlynn_13_edit_boldlynn_20_edit_b&w burnlynn_23_edit_vintagelynn_29_edit_b&w burnlynn_30_edit_vintage


Missy said...

laughing sequence is FAB! And, she is adorable.

Missy said...

P.S. I have a bribe box for special chores. If the kids have done a good job on a chore or I think they deserve something special, they get to pick out of the box. Works especially well for my 4 and 7 year olds!