Thursday, May 24, 2012


this kid was far more mellow about the whole “take my picture so I can get some pop rocks” bit.

I had to remind her that I wanted to take her pictures…

the mellowness ended as soon as she was in front of the camera, and I was behind it.  it took a good ten minutes to get the sillies out.

(those might have to come out in a blooper reel one day..)

her “big person” teeth are making their first appearance, I am relishing the few days we have left to enjoy her darling gummy-ness.

ash_03_edit_boldash_05_edit_b&w burnash_13_edit_vintage burnash_04_edit_bold

and I just love this one a bit much. I feel kinda guilty because of how much I love it.

ash_08_edit_b&w burnash_11_edit_boldash_15_edit_vintage burnash_16_edit_b&w burn

and this little pose, was totally her idea.  I think she’s been peeking at my bride+groom wedding board on pinterest…


so as her first grade year ends, I am so happy for how happy she was throughout the year.  I am thankful for the friends she has made, and for how far she has come in so many areas!

I am looking forward to a fun and very silly summer with her around.

not looking so much to all that second grade entails, you know, the goofy “big people” teeth, the homework (ugh!!), and the growing up even more without my consent.


His Little Lady said...

she is absolutely beautiful!!!! great photographs, girl!
xo TJ

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I love all the pictures of your beautiful should make a trip down to Dixie and take pictures of my three monkeys!

Bonnie said...

These pictures are fantastic! Such a cutie.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88