Friday, May 18, 2012

I like to call myself a pro at the “after-thought”.

so I posted a pic a week ago.  I love it.  I love it so much, I had it printed.

an 11x14 to be exact.

may 081_edit_b&w

but I had to have it, like the same day, so I sent it to costco to have it printed.

I would have loved to have it printed by my newest, most favorite printer, but let’s face it, I have no patience.

but the costco route ended-up being a good thing.  I mean, besides the point that it was super fast (and that is good for the no-patience area..), it didn’t cost me that much.  (we’re talking like 2 bucks + change.)

so, when I looked at this little pic again, I loved it, but realized that there was a tree, a freaking tree, coming out of sweet peyton’s head.

(okay, so it wasn’t literally coming out of her head, but it was behind her and looked like it was coming out of her little noggin’.)

so I kicked myself in the butt for a while.  I called myself a few choice names (said to myself, of course..) and regretted sending it off to have it printed so stinking fast.

you’d think I would have learned this lesson already.  but no.

let us re-wind to last fall…

I took some pretty darn cute pictures of my three girls, the one when lynnie-lou gave sweet peyton a stick of YELLOW juicy fruit gum, made her very happy, but when she smiled, really big, because ashley let one totally rip, I ended-up with a darling picture of my three gorgeous girls, all smiling, laughing really, and one of those cute girls, with YELLOW GUM AND NO TEETH on one side of her mouth.  I photo-shopped out the gum, in some teeth, had it all ready and perfect (or so I thought) to print. 

girls fall pix 134

I went ahead, all excited, as per usual, printed it, a 16x20 no less.  once I had it framed, I realized, there is a piece of that super-long grass, going right across lynn’s face.

girls fall pix 134edit


should have photo-shopped the crap out of that grass!!

(insert more choice words here.)

so there.  I should have learned my lesson, right?


enter the tree.

(if you feel the need for a re-cap, you can re-read the top portion of your screen.  insert choice words at your own discretion, and let us remember, we should be compassionate with one another, it’s kind of a commandment, a “nice” thing to do, so if you are feeling all compassionate, insert some fun words when you feel my frustration.)

I should have photo-shopped the crap out of that tree.

but dudes, it’s only 2 bucks + pocket change, so, I photo-shopped the crap out of that tree, and sent it off to be printed.  again.

may 081_edit_b&w burn_notree

I have to say, I love it now.

(freakin vegetation.)


Ally's Corner said...

If you would have never said anything I never would have saw the tree. All I foucused on was her cute face.... But I so do the same things you do with pictures!! :-)

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

I agree with Ally's Corner. Pictures were cute whether or not the vegetation was trying to take over. Don't beat yourself up. :)

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I didn't even notice the tree! Maybe because Miss Payton is so darn cute, that the background didn't really matter! Love the picture!