Friday, August 7, 2009


School is fast approaching, and while some days I LOVE that fact, other days I am sad that it will all be over too soon..

Lynn will be off in the elementary world for full days now, and time together just won't be the same.

We are cramming all we can into the last of our summer.. trying to make it last.

Until Ashley sneaks into what was to be our lunch, and then they tease and fight, then the countdown is on...

Lynn did have a few things she wanted to do. So the other night, after prayers were said, and all were tucked in, Lynn came to me.. she had an agenda for the next day.

- Play games. She whipped my butt in checkers..

- Read.

- Make a pillow for her Care Bear.

- Snuggle.

- Wiggle her tooth. :)

Collating 699 (almost perfect..) back to school packets for PTA did interrupt our time together, but she reassured me that we could do what we didn't get to another day..

I did make sure to wiggle her tooth plenty.. that drives Merrill nuts! :D

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