Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy anniversary-ish..

aug 13 015

We celebrated our anniversary (which was in April) yesterday.

The catalyst was my mom, taking ALL of her grandchildren (5 girls and 4 boys) for a sleepover at her house.

She is insane, I know.

We decided to take that opportunity to celebrate.

The day started-out messed-up.. the start of day meaning midnight. Merrill had hired a new girl to take the 12-8 shift in preparation for their trip this September, needing to have someone trained. She never showed.

So Merrill got to work it. That's just what happens, I know.

He had sales meetings all week with Best Western reps. and his last day of those meetings was yesterday. He had someone ready to cover him at noon, and after all his meetings were done, we would take off. Well, being there from midnight on, kinda threw a wrench in those plans. No more meetings. Once someone has been up for 36 hours straight, there's really no point. Clint was luckily able to come in and help out Merrill. He came home an caught a little napperoo. We took the kids to mom's, and went to the mall. We looked around for some things he wanted for his upcoming trip. He was even okay going shopping for me..

I got a new bra.


SOOOO happy. I don't feel like a crazy woman anymore!!

I guess I had to learn that I am past the point of cute push-up bras, and where I need support.

It's a Body By Victoria. It doesn't flip up, it doesn't give me little empty pockets, it fits!!

It also happens to be a 32 C. In my other bra, I would have sworn I was a 32 A (on the right) and a 32 B (on the left). Now can you get a glimpse of why I was despondent at times?

He was so good to sit there and watch me try on bra after bra, discovering the science of boobs and the things that contain them.

We came home, where he dozed some more, and then went to dinner.

I was really hankering for some crab legs, but accepted Olive Garden. They do have soup, bread sticks, and Black Tie Mousse Cake. :)

We snuggled up and watched a movie after dinner, enjoyed without interruptions.

I could hardly believe I got a whole, full night's sleep, without any middle of the night wake-up calls!!

It was weird waking up without them here though.. I am more than ready to see them!

Let's hope mom recovers.

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