Thursday, August 20, 2009

This very second..

They are getting everything prepped to put in a new door and surrounding glass..

The company hasn't been the easiest to work with, there have been many things said, not all of them true, mostly when it comes to when they would be here to get the job done.. well, they were supposed to be here the 14th. I got a call a few days before saying that they couldn't, the door wouldn't be in, and I understood. They rescheduled for the 18th. The morning of the 18th, I get a call from them:

"Hi.. how are you doing?"


"Did anyone talk to you about when this will be scheduled? I have been out of town.."

"Um.. you are supposed to be here TODAY."

"Oh, really? I don't know who would have told you that."

I went off.

It benefited me in the end.

They had told me they could be here by next Wednesday, that was when the door would be in. I told them we might not go with them.

"But we have your stuff on order, and you have already put half down?"

"Yes, and you can pay me back."

Surprise, surprise.. they are here today.

It already has the makings for a crazy busy day with Family Fun Fair and Back to School night, both tonight.. three kidlets in tow.. fun, mounds.

As the Olsen Twins would say, "Put it on the pizza.."

What will come next?

As we were getting PTA stuff done late last night, it hit me..

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of our first kiss. I tried to celebrate by kissing him on the cheek, while he was sleeping, sometime after midnight when I came in.

It wasn't as magical as the first time, but that time we were both wide awake..

I guess the rides on the zip line before I went home made up for it.

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