Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A new post.

Merrill just notified me that it has been 4 days since I last posted..
I didn't know he enjoyed (?) or paid that much attention.
So here's what's gone on..
The tooth fairy came and paid a good price for that tooth, I hear she/he/it was also trying hard to be quiet.. hence the bill.
She was "Queen for the day" Saturday. That is a tradition my mom started with us as kids when we lost teeth. We got to pick our favorite meal (and usually the one easiest to eat minus a chomper) and our favorite ice cream for dessert. Numbing helps too. Oh, and somebody else had to make our bed for the day..
Lynn thought that this status meant that she got whatever she wanted, when she wanted it.
She was corrected numerous times.
aug 15-16 001
Sunday we went out to see dad who celebrated his 59th birthday.. I have a pic of that, but ol' Joe-Bo is in it, and he has this "rule" about pictures of him on the internet.. I might just have to PhotoShop so I can post it. :)
I have been busy painting. The garage door is now BLACK, and I think Merrill is getting used to the idea (aren't you hon?). The trim where the roof line meets the new fascia needed to be painted black AROUND THE WHOLE HOUSE, so that got done as well. I also started on the mailbox. That spray paint for plastic is AWESOME!!
I also started to touch-up paint inside the house.. patching walls, trim, etc. I did the blodest thing yet, I began painting before ensuring the color was the one that was already there (it was a TOUCH-UP..) not so much. I guess the kitchen will be a new shade of brown.. it really does look better, I have a side-by-side comparison up right now, I know it looks better.
Peyton went to her 18 month check-up today. Our concern was if she had grown in height any. Her doctor said if she hadn't, we would have to take another trip to Primary's. She's below average everywhere (just like her sisters..) but she grew, sure enough. I knew it wasn't my imagination when I had to buy pants. Hers were waiting for a flood. She had to get some shots, and one was out, so we'll be back, along with the rest of the fam when we ALL get flu shots.. so fun! He is somewhat worried about her umbilical hernia, but not enough to do anything now.. if it gets worse, just like everything else. He says it should go away.
She doesn't need to be seen again until her Kindergarten check-up. That was a bunch of great news!!
She crashed and took a long nap, letting me get a ton of stuff done..
Mom took the girls to buy a new pair of shoes for school, and pretty much spoiled them.. that is what grandma's are for, right?
I am so excited about everything I have learned in my last Jessica Sprague class and I can't wait to share it all... I lay awake thinking of what else I can do now.. that is fun, but causes me some problems the next day due to lack of sleep..
More going on, but I will have to update when things are more specific, concrete.
Next big thing is our Family Fun Fair for back to school.
Then school starts?!
I like that idea, but only on certain days.. ;)
Oh.. and I sent my camera back for that one repair.. I have been without it for two whole days and miss it terribly.

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