Monday, August 24, 2009

First day..

aug 21-24 002

Yes, yesterday was the first day back for little Lynnie..

Yes, I am late at getting it all up.. the details and whatnot.

I hope to sometime soon explain why life has been a little behind.

Lynn had a "great" day yesterday. Much the contrast to her first day last year. She went on and on about every detail of the day.

I have learned that the Gingerbread man led them on a hunt all over the school, coincidentally taking them to important places within the school, showing them places which locations they will need to know.

I have learned that the cafeteria's chocolate chip cookies are better than mine.

I have learned that the chocolate milk in the cafeteria is better than mine, and apparently, so is grandma's.

I have been schooled in every rule the first grade has enforced, and have learned what happens when you play paper rock scissor with your neighbor. (Even though it is breaking a rule, you don't get kicked out for breaking that one.)

She is so very happy, grinning from ear to ear, and has enjoyed her second day just as much.

It smells like a great start to a great year!

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