Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All things will work together for your good.

So, I will just say it before I get too far into it...

We are moving.

It's just down the street, around a corner, still in our neighborhood and ward. Right where we want to be. It's a newer, bigger house, with a bigger yard for the kidlets.

But this is such a blessing..

We have always kept an eye open to what is available around here, not always serious, but interested. Merrill claimed this house was our "starter house" and I was fine to live here forever.. really. We were close one time, last year, to buying a house of similar style, smaller in some areas (no yard really) and would be giving up on things we said were "musts" for a move to happen. We were waiting for Lake Powell to come and go to put an offer down, and that was when the market went. Good thing we didn't, we would have been up side down in it.

We also played with the idea of buying the house that Gilbert's now live in, and are glad that that wasn't a real serious deal.. we also looked into the land that Dickamore's have built on, another forehead wiping moment of relief. Look what we'd be missing out on!!

See, things that are supposed to be, are going to happen.

So here's what happened:

This house has been up for 13 months.

13 months and I was praying all the while.

I have been trying to get Merrill to just look at it. It took a year, and a $60,000 decrease for him to get there. We both loved it, but knew our home would have to sell.

We were in the midst of getting some improvements done, and decided after that, we would get an appraisal to see what it was worth, to see if we sold it for enough, if we could get into that house.

We let things quiet down, well, we were staying quiet.. the Realtor kept in contact with me, we were their only really interested people, and we weren't that serious. We kept up with our improvements and whenever she'd call, I would tell her the same thing: We love the house, we would love to be able to buy it, but we would have to sell our house, and sell it for enough to make it happen. It's just a waiting game at this point, but move on if you get an offer.. don't wait on us.

In the meanwhile, our tithing checks were piling up on the counter top. With the kids being sick, it was either one of us or the other going to church, and the checks getting forgotten.

Then there was one Sunday that we all went to church, and I remembered the checks. Just a couple of weeks after, while I was painting the garage door, I get another phone call from their Realtor.

"They will buy your house, either sell it themselves (ours would be easier to sell in this market than theirs..) or rent it.. if you buy theirs."


We have witnessed so many blessings in this whole event unfolding.. so many "little" things that have been prompted about in advance, that made this process that has moved so quickly so much easier..

Just a couple of examples: My hormone induced trip to IKEA.. I got the shelves to better organize the basement, and I know that improved the appearance of the basement, not to mention the quick clean-up they enabled when they wanted to come and see my house with 3 hours notice.

That same morning I felt the urge to go and wipe down all the door frames to remove Peyton's sticky little fingerprints.. that saved me time later that same house-showing day.

Not to mention all the recent improvements and all of the other hard work we have put into this house..

It has been moving fast ever since and the prayer remains, if it is meant to be, it is meant to be, let it be easy, let it feel right.

And it has.

We signed papers today. It is bittersweet, leaving all the memories here.. bringing babies home, watching them grow.. okay, I can't think that way.

I will have great neighbors (no cigarette smoke wafting through my open windows anymore) and good kids for my kids to play with..


Let the packing begin!!!

But it won't hurt if we all just pray for the appraisal to come in HIGH. :)

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