Monday, August 10, 2009

Because I felt like it..

It was like any other Monday...
Cleaning the house.
Finishing laundry..
Then I went to the basement.
Arggh.. the disorganization!! I had had enough.
I went to IKEA.

august 10 002

I had been planning on going, just waiting for the right time. I had purchased my bins long ago, planned out the way this was going to be fixed, I just needed to get there.
So I went, today. After feeding the kids lunch, making them all go potty, snagging some books, water bottles, and treats and tunes for the road.
Little to no planning (which is unlike me) and three kids in tow.
It went better than an un-planned trip to IKEA with three kiddos would imaginably go.
They each were allowed to pick out one toy from the bins.
Lynn got a white "mouse", a rat, really, but she thinks that word is gross.
Ashley picked out a heart with hands, creepy/cute, but hilarious to Peyton, especially when Ashley high-fives it.
And everyone helped Peyton to pick out a dog. It is her fascination lately, and she makes them say, "meeeowwww...".
All in all, it got done.

august 10 001

Hopefully I can get it all put together soon, fight the disorganization at last.

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